Countless PEMs (small appliances) are born every year. Most will end up in waste because one of their components is defective or broken ... Why not dissociate these products especially since, for the most part, and as specialized as they are, they share the same source of energy, mechanisms that articulate their functions to heat, chop, grill, grind, mix, etc? What would happen if these PEMs shared, like the saucier SEB, the same station (motor and / or battery), the same passageway where energy is transmitted? The PEMs would be more like interchangeable elements, satellites orbiting around the same core.
A hybrid and mixed set of composite forms which by their combination would formulate new uses in cooking.

What if PEMs were thought of as compatible modules but independent of each other? What if appliance brands specialize in one or the other?

⎮1 + 1 = 1⎮ - 2014
Partnership with SEB