For the Runa people who live in the Amazon rainforest, plants and stones are just as much natural elements and projection supports as the wooden pieces that they assemble to communicate with other forms of life. They show an enlarged vision of the living, animated not by a dynamic of movement in matter but by the interactions they generate with the things around them. On the other hand, biotechnologies are working to reshape microorganisms to create new  living species capable, like industrial objects, of meeting specific needs making the living thing an engineering system.

At the confluence of these two points of view, should we not consider the Living as a plural element whose state sways in time and space between the living and the non-living, the visible and the invisible, the animated and the inert? Besides, is this edge not in the image of the human body itself ? A contact zone in which millions of beings, viruses, fungi, bacteria and cells interact in silence, sharing multiple interactions to form the mass of a living body.