The notion of connectivity of objects or the transmission of information between several entities is suggested by a partnership between ENSCI-Les Ateliers and the Italian editor Alessi. Alessi connected ? The title of this collaboration evokes sleep-and-already the bases of an interrogation located between the image of a company with a cheerful red hue and figurative geometries, and the growing omnipresence of connected objects in society. From information objects to surveillance objects to gadget objects. Connectivity is sometimes invited in the smallest corners of objects without it being fully justified.

This same idea of exchanging or sharing information could however be understood as a chain reaction or an interaction tool between a group of objects and a human partner, likely to broaden our relationship to objects. And while we are characterized as being more and more dependent on connected objects, Follow me if you can explores the perspective of a disobedience, a dysfunctionality then an interdependence of the objects and their user. Thus, lamp and mirror play on their strengths, in turn reflective, bright. They are animated and bear witness to a form of jealousy relating to the geolocation of the individual in space through behaviors that call for attention, for bringing the individual closer. Then, as we move away from it, they escape, shirk again and fall into a daze.

Follow me if you can - 2018
Partnership with Alessi