The problem that has arisen around the significant decline of bees in recent years calls into question many of our positions regarding our food supply, its provenance and its breeding. The excessive use of pesticides could be the root cause of the disappearance of bees in rural areas. But what about the city ? The ecosystem of large urban areas seems today more favorable than that of the countryside where pesticides are transported by the winds.

Through a dialogue with beekeepers in the Brussels region Hello honey is a project that attempts to cross the issues related to the survival of bees and the growing local food needs of an ever-increasing urban population.

Installed on roofs, in free spaces in urban environments and tries to communicate by its presence towards the outside, towards others. A beehive and a vegetable patch. Two entities in unglazed ceramic which want to evoke by their form a certain complementarity.
Hello Honey is therefore a project which attempts to resolve a problem linked to the survival of bees. But also to reveal the role of the presence of pollinators, fertilizers of plants as a vector for the development of biodiversity, thermal regulation and air quality whose impact on the urban environment is beneficial for humans.

Hello honey - 2014
Research project